Not for Profit Law Information Hub

Not for profit organisations (NFPs) face specific challenges with often limited resources.  One of the more difficult areas for small and volunteer run organisations can be finding reliable legal information and requirements.

The Not for Profit Law Information Hub contains information and resources for all Australian NFPs.  They provide fact sheets and videos covering government reporting requirements, tax and insurance information all the way down to dealing with contracts, intellectual property and social media.

The site is updated regularly and you can sign up for their monthly newsletter to ensure you always have current information.  It is all written in plain english and designed for people outside the legal profession to understand.

Remember, however, that the hub can only provide generic advice and information.  If you have more specific needs you may need to seek out professional legal advice.

Not for Profit Law Information Hub:


Museums and Galleries of NSW fact sheet: Legal requirements: Insurance and compliance

Museums and Galleries of NSW We Recommend: Taxation requirements for not-for-profits


While all care has been taken to ensure information is accurate at the time of publication, all information in this resource is intended as a guide only.  You should obtain professional advice if you have any specific concerns.