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Museums & Galleries of NSW staff are currently partially working from home as a precautionary measure against the transmission of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Staff can be contacted via email and mobile during, see details below.

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Rachel Arndt, Gallery Programs and Touring Exhibitions Manager
Phone number: 0439 383 899

Olivia Welch, Gallery Programs and Touring Exhibitions Coordinator
Phone number: 0437 172 451

Susan Wacher, Gallery Programs Coordinator
Phone number: 0411 530 006

Tamara Lavrencic, Museum Programs and Collections Manager
Phone number: 0439 371 504

Emily Cullen, Museum Programs and Collections Coordinator
Phone number: 0407 263 463

Jason Gee, Communications Manager
Phone number: 0424 773 626

Vanessa Low, Communications Coordinator
Phone number: 0434 353 203

Dale Maxwell-Smith, Program and Events Coordinator
Phone number: 0412 425 047

John Thompson, Finance and Administration Manager
Phone number: 0414 717 206

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