Identify prints and photos

The Graphics Altas online resource provides a step-by-step guide for the identification and dating of major print types. It’s in plain English, is easy to use and will attract a wide range of users, from Mums and Dads to curators and researchers.

The resource begins with the earliest print methods – engravings, lithographs and woodcuts and includes latest generation digital technology reproductions. It’s set up to allow to visual identification, comparison or to explore using the detailed timeline. The resource categorises print types into pre-photographic, photomechanical, photographic and digital, providing clarity around unique features and production methods.

A key feature is that it offers high-quality reproductions of various print forms and the impacts of deterioration. There’s a visual glossary of possible effects achieved within each technique which makes matching and comparing images easy.

This resource is one of a new breed of resources that encourages browsing and discovery – build your knowledge and fill in gaps in your understanding by moving through the site. Graphics Atlas offer a gallery of ‘pictures of the week’ chosen for different criteria – quirky, funny, interesting or historical.

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The Graphics Atlas is supported by the Image Permanence Institute, committed to the development and provision of sustainable practices for the preservation of images and cultural property.