Combatting Mould



Mould not only looks offensive, but can be very damaging to our health and to a wide range of materials. The extent of the damage to materials ranges from disfiguring and staining of surfaces to penetrating through the whole structure of material.

Mould spores are always present in the air, however only become active in particular environmental conditions. Mould growth is activated by continuous levels of relative humidity (RH) above 65%. They also thrive in stagnant, dusty, acidic and oily/greasy environments, which explains why, the older the shoes, the mouldier the shoes.

Mould especially affects organic materials which absorb moisture during high humidity, such as paper, gelatine on photographs, canvas, textiles, glues, wood, bark and leather. It is unfortunate that these materials tend also to be porous and therefore, more difficult to clean.

This guide will take you through how to cope with damage from mould and how to prevent future mould growth.