Caring for Collections Work Book

The online resource is aimed at people who handle books and documents.

It provides an overview of how to care for the books and documents in collections and why this is important. The resource has been developed as part of a joint preservation learning programme by RLUK and the British Library Preservation Advisory Centre.

The resource has eleven sections:

  • The importance of caring for collections
  • Deterioration and damage
  • Handling books
  • Transporting books
  • Copying books
  • Storing books
  • Environmental conditions
  • Mould
  • Pests
  • Security
  • Disasters and salvage

Each section includes information and photographs to guide you as well as quizzes and tasks. A set of key points and links to additional information is also included. The resource does not have to be completed in one session, it is possible to leave the resource at any point and return to it later.