Volunteer Museum Grants are open

M&G NSW is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for three grants from the Volunteer Museum Grant Program for 2022. These grants are designed to provide assistance to volunteer community museums and Aboriginal cultural centres in NSW. Funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW and administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW, the program is designed to provide access to funding, in addition to providing experience in the grant application process.

Grants available in Round 1 are:

Small Grants
Up to $2,000 for short-term, collection-based projects. There are no set categories for funding and applications for a broad range of projects will be considered.

Skills Development Grants
Up to $4000 for the development and delivery of skill development training and networking events. The events are expected to involve more than one museum and usually bring in a professional consultant to run one or a series of workshops.

Applications accepted until funding expended.

Leg Up Grants
Matched funding of $50 – $500 for volunteers to attend or host development activities in NSW. The grants can cover the cost of attending a workshop, conference or course, bringing a presenter to your museum or the travel costs of a group of volunteers visiting another museum.

Applications accepted until funding expended.

For more information about the Volunteer Museum Grants program contact our Museum Coordinator on 0411 742 665 or alicen@mgnsw.org.au.

Find out more about M&G NSW’s grants programs

The Grant Programs are a wonderful way for small, volunteer run organizations to access funding for projects that they may not otherwise be able to carry out. M&GNSW staff are very approachable, helpful and knowledgeable. It is also an important way for smaller organisations to feel part of a bigger community of dedicated full time industry professionals, and to gain and share valuable knowledge with and from others. St Joseph’s Convent Heritage Museum - Skills Development Grant 2019

The Volunteer Museum Grant Program is a Create NSW devolved funding program, administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

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