Oscar tells it his way

It’s not often that premium content drops into our lap. But the start of 2016 brought us a windfall in the shape of this delightful video. In it, eleven year old Oscar deftly describes his top five exhibits at the Griffith Pioneer Park Museum.

Check it out— it’s excellent viewing and most agreeable.


M&G: Can you tell us how old you are and when you became interested in museums?

Oscar: I’m eleven, nearly twelve. I would say around age eight to nine, I really got into museums. I like learning history.

M&G: When you made your video, were you talking to other kids or to their parents so they would take their kids to a museum?

Oscar: Neither really, just something that came into my head. I wasn’t really thinking about who would watch the video.

M&G: Your Number 1 favourite thing in the Pioneer Park are the trees the Wiradjuri people used to make canoes and coolamons. Are there lots of these trees in your area or do you have to come to the museum to see them?

Oscar: No, I don’t have to go to the Museum. There’s one on the road between Leeton and Griffith. It’s fun to look at trees and think if an Aboriginal made a scar or if it lost a branch.

M&G: Can you tell us about the ghost of Fairview Cottage and if you have seen it?

Oscar: I have not seen the ghost but I’ve heard the story. It’s pretty cool.

M&G: Do you think it would be better if the tractors were fixed up and restored to working order, or do you like them as they are?

Oscar: No. That would be chaos waiting to happen. Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto?

M&G: Do you think you will work in a museum when you grow up, or do you have something else in mind?

Oscar: No, I want to be a lawyer.



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