Regional Stakeholder Forum 2015 – Online

The annual Regional Stakeholder Forum was held at the Museum of Applied Arts and Science in November 2015.

The 2015 Forum explored issues affecting the regional heritage sector from regional tourism and museums, crowdfunding and the role of consultants; and how the arts can ‘activate’ and energise your museum.

If you couldn’t attend the Forum, or if you’d like to review any of the sessions, they are now available below.

This event is presented by MAAS, Regional Arts NSW and M&G NSW.



Regional Stakeholder Forum 2015: Session 1
Arts activating regional museums and communities
Welcome to Country: Uncle Allan Madden.
Welcome to Forum: Dolla Merrillees, Acting Director and Deborah Vaughan, Regional Programs, MAAS.
Introduction: Elizabeth Rogers, CEO Regional Arts NSW. Presentations: Vic McEwan
Activating communities: Andrew Gray 
Arts Activating Museums: Caroline Downer 



Regional Stakeholder Forum 2015: Sessions 2 and 3
The new NSW arts and cultural policy and Fundraising and crowd-funding
Introduction Lily Katakouzinos
Presentation: Michael Brealey 
Fundraising and Crowd-funding
Introduction Tamara Lavrencic.
Working the Crowd—crowd-funding basics: Elliott Bledsoe
All you have to do is ask: Harlan Hall



Regional Stakeholder Forum 2015: Session 4
Regional museums engendering tourism
Introduction Tamara Lavrencic
New gold mountain: the Chinese tourist market: Brett Dunlop
Turning the invisible into the visibleDebbie Sommers 
Cultural tourism…that means you!: Kevin Williams



Regional Stakeholder Forum 2015: Session 5
What’s new and keeping it new
Introduction Deborah Vaughan
Breaking the spear: Marcus Hughes
Artist run museum: Fiona MacDonald
The new MAMA: Jacqui Hemsley

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