Skills Audit Template

To understand the issues associated with volunteer succession planning, this skills audit helps you document which skills your organisation has and to define what skills it needs to acquire.

The skills audit results in:

  • An understanding of the skills and expertise within the organisation
  • An understanding of the skills required and the gaps the organisation currently has
  • A targeted analysis of the development needs of the organisation
  • A list of current staff and volunteers who need development and in which areas
  • Data that can be utilised for internal selection
  • A determination of whether the organisation can achieve its strategic plan
  • A list of urgent skills development needs

Conducting a Skills Audit

The skills audit is broken up into four key areas of museums practice:

  1. Administration and management
  2. Collections management
  3. Public programs and visitor services
  4. Exhibitions

Each individual in your organisation should complete an individual skills audit across all four areas.

The information in each individual’s audit is then collated and inserted into the Organisational Skills Audit template.