Cultural Merchandising

The business of cultural merchandising

Gone are the days for the museum or gallery to have a couple of trinkets at the front desk for sale.  Museum and gallery shops are now a robust revenue stream and a crucial part of the visitor experience.

The cultural institution shop is now a business which engages with visitors through different mediums and in them serve to educate, entertain and entice!

Stephen Quinn will outline the keys to success in cultural merchandising as well as help you realise your revenue potential, achieved through business planning, product development and commercial strategies.

This was presented at the 2014 Regional & Public Galleries Conference at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

About Stephen Quinn

Stephen Quinn has worked in the cultural and tourism retailing sectors for over fifteen years in duty free, international airports, tourism attractions and museums.  Stephen has a passion for creating quality retail concepts which enhance the visitors experience.  He is the current President of the Museum Shops Association of Australia (MSAA) as well as the Manager, Retail and Commercial Product Development at the National Museum of Australia.  Stephen is currently studying for his Masters in Business Administration.