Museums Change Lives


Museums Change Lives is the Museums Association’s vision for the increased social impact of museums. It demonstrates that museums can be ambitious about their role in society. All museums, however they are funded and whatever their subject matter, can support positive social change.

Some museums already pay great attention to this; others have as yet untapped potential.

The time is right for museums to transform their contribution to contemporary life. As public expenditure continues to be cut, it is more important than ever to have a strong sense of social purpose.

Funders and policy makers expect museums to achieve greater social outcomes and impact. Individuals and communities are under stress and every museum must play its part in improving lives, creating better places and helping to advance society, building on the traditional role of preserving collections and connecting audiences with them.

Museums Change Lives aims to enthuse people in museums to increase their impact, encourage funders to support museums in becoming more relevant to their audiences and communities, and show organisations the potential partnerships they could have with museums, to change people’s lives.

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