Reconciliation Australia

One of the best online Indigenous resources is the Reconciliation Australia website. This is a website that punches well above its weight in delivering accessible information about Indigenous Australia.

The site operates as a hub for several large projects that fall under the Reconciliation Australia umbrella. The main menu allows navigation across the many resource rich programs.

Take a look at what’s on offer:

  • Share our Pride presents a running history and timeline–it’s packed full of videos and interspersed with articles and papers written by Aboriginal leaders on current and past issues. Divided into chapters: First Australians, Our culture, Our shared history, Beyond the myths, Respectful relationships–this is where you go for hard facts, stories, reports and commentary on all sorts of topics. The Bringing Them Home, the stolen children report and The Native Title Tribunal reports can be found here.
  • Under the National Reconciliation Week tab which is this year scheduled for 27 May – 3 June, you’ll find the calendar of events and related community happenings and programs. Your organisation can register your event under the Get involved tab.
  • The RAP tab provides a step by step approach to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan. A RAP is something that every organisation can be involved in. Eight modules are laid out and each one defines what to do and how to do it.
  • The Workplace Ready Program tab contains information and support for businesses and organisations employing indigenous people. There’s a toolkit with examples and insights from organisations that have successfully implemented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment programs, including a series of case studies and input from employers and human resource professionals.
  • The Schools tab provides information about school RAPs and curriculum resources.


For those of you with social media channels, Reconciliation Australia runs a Facebook page and uses the Twitter handle @RecAustralia