State Library war diaries collection online

World War One postcard

Image is from the collections of the State Library of NSW. Object no: a7871031.

The State Library of NSW has the service men and women's war stories and now they would like your war stories about them.

The State Library of NSW holds over 500 World War One diary and letter collections which have been deposited since 1918. 

They would like to find out more about our service men and women. The Library has their war story and now they would like your war stories about them.

What happened when they returned home? Do you have any mementos, photos, letters that shed light on their lives? You may know where they were born or where they enlisted. You may know in which battles they fought and any awards they received.

Many of their diaries have been transcribed so you can easily read the handwritten entries. They will be adding more transcriptions to the website over the coming months.


Explore the State Library of NSW’s collection of diaries and other artefacts.

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