The move is on!

Our removalists

Photo: courtesy of RobethK via Flickr


As you probably know we are moving offices. Come next Tuesday the removalist will reverse a big truck up to our door and a team of muscly men will climb down from the cab.

Lying in wait for them are crates and boxes a mile high. We’ve shredded and dumped and sorted; we’ve sold off our furniture and delivered boxes of remnant crockery to St Vinnies. We’ve unplugged our computers, covered them in bubble wrap and even remembered to label the data cables.

We’re leaving.

It’s going take us a few days to set up in our new abode, and while that happens we’ll be offline for a bit. Really truly. We might not be answering your emails, calls or pleas for grants from Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16, but don’t despair we won’t be far away. We’re planning to be online again on Friday and definitely up to speed by Monday morning!

So here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • VIM Small grants have been extended! If you are mailing, as in via Australia Post, the deadline remains the same. Your application will need to be postmarked no later than 5pm Friday 17 April to be eligible for this round.
  • If you intend emailing your application, you must send it by midnight on Sunday 19 April.
  • Our new street address is: Level 1, The Arts Exchange, 10 Hickson Road The Rocks NSW 2000
  • From Monday 20 April, you’ll be able to hear our chirpy voices on the new main number: 9252 8300.
  • If you normally contact one of us on a direct number you can continue to use that number after Monday 20 April as they remain unchanged.
  • And if you haven’t secured your furniture collection date don’t hesitate to contact Michael Huxley

Wish us luck, immunity from cleaning exhaustion and a happy housewarming!

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