Measure the impact of your programs

Ever wished you had data to prove the difference your organisation makes to the lives of the people you engage with? M&G NSW has partnered with Culture Counts to offer unique tools to measure the varied impacts of your programs at an extremely affordable rate.

Organisations who subscribe to the Culture Counts cloud-based software platform by Tuesday 31 July 2018 will be offered a free consultation session to assist with selecting and aligning benchmarkable metrics to your strategic objectives.

Culture Counts metrics have been developed in consultation with the sector and are being used by a wide range of museums, galleries, libraries, historical societies and educational organisations in Australia and internationally. Using a selection of standardised survey metrics will allow you to assess your organisation’s aims, compare different activities across your yearly calendar, highlight areas where you’re excelling, and identify steps for improvement.

Culture Counts provides a way to measure and communicate the full value generated by museums and galleries, beyond just attendance figures or ticket sales. Having evidence to show funders and sponsors the value of their investment becomes increasingly important as funding tightens. Organisations measuring the unique ways their work benefits visitors and the community are able to tell richer value stories to attract greater resources and support for themselves and the sector.

As more organisations evaluate their impact, the museums and galleries sector across NSW will benefit from the big data insights and learnings generated. The sector will also gain a powerful source of evidence to show the important role that it plays for communities, artists and visitors to NSW.

For a total of $1500, organisations are able to access the Culture Counts system for a 12-month period to capture feedback from visitors, expert peers, artists, education groups and workshop participants about the value of their experiences. A Culture Counts annual subscription allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys, have access to all data, summary statistics and sets of sector-developed and validated survey questions.

As part of this offer, the Culture Counts team will prepare a bespoke concordance matrix that maps your strategic objectives against metrics assessing the quality of programming and the achievement of social, cultural and civic outcomes.

To take advantage of this special M&G NSW offer or to find out more, please contact Culture Counts directly at or 03 9654 5775.


Museums & Galleries of NSW 2018 Sector Census
M&G NSW has recently launched the Museums & Galleries of NSW 2018 Sector Census using the Culture Counts data collection, analysis and reporting tools. The purpose of this census is to gather information from organisations to provide an overview of the sector and to assist us in providing services and advocating on your behalf. 

If you believe that your organisation has not been contacted to participate in the census or you have any questions, please contact us.

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