Frank Howarth to depart Australian Museum

Frank Howarth PSM

Director, Australian Museum


The Australian Museum is set to lose Frank Howarth PSM from the helm after a fruitful and productive ten year stint.

President of the Australian Museum Trust, Ms Catherine Livingstone said “Frank succeeded in stabilising the Museum shortly after his arrival nine years ago, and he has built the Museum up to be dynamic, outward facing and successful.”

Howarth has a string of successes under his belt. His leadership and vision will be sorely missed.

Minister for the Arts the Hon. George Souris talked about the many positive changes Howarth had instigated within the organisation, “from leading major building projects to blockbuster exhibitions and establishing scientific research centres.”

Howarth has a string of successes under his belt. In the public arena, visitor attendance reached record levels in 2012, achieved through a series of popular and accessible exhibitions and initiatives like Jurassic Lounge.  His research interests have seen the establishment of the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics and the recent creation of the Australian Museum Research Institute. The Museum has also made frontier developments in education with the introduction of their videoconferencing education programs for NSW schools.

Howarth said “I have had an immensely fulfilling time at the Australian Museum working with a team of skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic staff. After 10 years I am sad, but excited to start on a new challenge”.

His leadership and vision will be sorely missed.

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