Image Licence Template

Image licences are an important part of copyright and allow copyright owners to set out exactly how they would like their work to be used. As a museum or gallery you may receive requests to use or publish images to which you own the copyright. This can include photographs of events, objects in the collection or displays or the building and premises. An image licence helps clarify how others can use these images, especially when licensing fee is involved.

Viscopy is a not-for-profit organisation that administers copyright on behalf of its members. It is also a great source of resources and information regarding copyright, moral rights and licensing. Licensing fees vary depending on how the image will be used, the size of the image and the publication run. Viscopy has a handy price guide to help you determine the correct fee you should charge to licence your image.

Use this template to create your own image licence by copying and pasting the information and adding your details. Be aware that not all clauses may be relevant to your situation and be sure to read through the finished document carefully to ensure you have covered everything.

While all care has been taken to ensure information is accurate at the time of publication, all information in this resource is intended as a guide only.  You should obtain professional advice if you have any specific concerns.

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