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If you have been receiving Alert, M&G’s industry e-newsletter, last week you may have also received our first ever issue of M&Gazine.

M&Gazine is a newsletter aimed at the general public and one of the newest products from our website. We want to extend our audience so you can extend yours– if we can target the audience who visits museums and galleries across the state, then we in turn can support you better.

M&Gazine is a collection of upcoming events and exhibitions, articles aimed at unpicking ideas behind the shows and tips on where to go when you’re on the road. Selected articles are featured on the M&G Home page, others can be found under Stories. We’ve created a list of tags to help readers find their chosen material– check out Behind the scenes, Out and About or Kid’s Spot, being some of the most popular.

M&Gazine looks further afield than the big cultural institutions of Sydney to introduce you to some of the very best of what’s happening in regional areas. Our first issue featured Australia Day reading, At Home: Aboriginal artists of NSW, a column exploring Aboriginal artists, their home country and the themes behind their art. We also highlighted events and trails in the North West/New England region to coincide with the Tamworth Country Music Festival. 

So feel free to share the M&Gazine around, pass it on, show family and friends – lay it down on the table in the dentist and the doctor’s waiting room–so to speak, and in doing so help us build an audience for your organisation.

Alert will continue to be published bi-weekly with M&Gazine being circulated monthly.You can opt to receive both e-newsletters–free and easy to read, delivered right to your email box. You can also choose to receive one or the other–whichever suits you best. 

Alert readers will also be pleased to hear we have launched the online event form –hot off the press is a ‘fill-in-yourself’ form allowing your to register exhibitions and events. Once we receive your online form the information is transferred to your organisational profile and listed in our busy What’s on section. You’re bound to get results from advertising with us, our readership extends to more than 2000 reader state-wide.

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