Value of History Statement – Announcement

The History Councils of New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia have jointly adopted a statement about the Value of History.

Studying our past and telling our stories is critical to our sense of belonging, to our communities and to our shared future.

The hope is that this statement will provide support for a wide range of endeavours in our community.  For example, the concepts can be incorporated into government and institutional policies, projects, grant applications, mission statements, websites, marketing materials, and educational documents.

They are calling on individuals and organisations in Australia to endorse, share, and use this statement on the value of history in contemporary life. With common agreement, commitment, and open conversation about why history is important,  they believe the historical community can better articulate history’s critical role in the public sphere.

The four History Councils in Australia are independent membership associations. Each is the peak or coordinating body for history in its respective state.

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