Toolkit to build regional arts


An initiative to invigorate cultural tourism in regional NSW was launched recently in Dubbo at the opening of Artlands the national conference for regional artists and arts workers from across the country. 

The Cultural Tourism Toolkit is designed to assist small regional communities to enhance, profile and package their cultural offering. It has the dual aim of encouraging the growth of regional arts and culture and making them a vital part of the visitor experience.

The Toolkit makes practical suggestions to support planning for cultural tourism and recommends other useful resources. It also includes a number of case studies that show the different ways towns and regions are promoting their arts and culture to tourists.

The Toolkit assists:

• small arts and cultural organisations, such as volunteer-run museums, historical societies, musical groups, local artist co-ops/ galleries or craft studios;

• coordinating organisations such as local councils, especially those who may not yet have a destination strategy in place.

• individual practitioners or businesses, helping them to build their offer, work together effectively and communicate better to increase patronage or attract more visitors

“This Toolkit will assist artists, businesses, arts organisations and local government on ways to encourage tourism and the growth of regional cultures through increased patronage and bringing greater support for our local artists.” Deputy Premier and Minister for the Arts Troy Grant

The Cultural Tourism Toolkit, produced by Arts NSW and is available for download.

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