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Did you know we have a Facebook page?

Our Facebook page is a great place to find news on art and history from around the world. We post material about new trends in museums and galleries, international stories, conservation news and what’s going on in cultural institutions around the state.

While our Sector Home page of the website contains articles and news, our Facebook page is spontaneous and responds to news that’s trending and to what you post. So if you want to expand your audience think of us–we’re happy to share your material on our timeline!

If your museum doesn’t yet have a Facebook page, why not consider opening one? It’s free–and a particularly effective way of promoting what you do, especially for organisations with limited advertising budgets.

For small and rural museums Facebook provides a great way of connecting with your whole community–here at M&G we’re in awe of the work done by the likes of Coonamble Museum, Nutcote and Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre and a handful of others. They’ve established vibrant relationships through Facebook and continue to build audiences, share with like-minded organisations and generally promote themselves and their activities.

And if you’re already on Facebook, go on, you know what to do. Like us!

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