It’s a RAP and Review

Over the last few weeks here at M&G we’ve been finalising a couple of critical documents. Having successfully completed our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2013, M&G NSW has embarked on the more ambitious two year, Innovate RAP. Take a look.

RAPs, coordinated by Reconciliation Australia, are a meaningful way of engaging with Aboriginal communities and contributing practically to Closing the Gap measures.

With Reconciliation Week 2014 just over and Naidoc Week coming up fast, it’s a great time to be thinking about the practical applications of a RAP. Using the three key areas of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities, the RAP process assists you to define clear activities with measurable outcomes. So as a result we are ready to work on building a media distribution list and developing an employment strategy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at M&G.

RAPs are a meaningful way of engaging with Aboriginal communities and contribute practically to Closing the Gap measures.

We have also put our 2013 Annual Review online and it’s available for all to read. The Review gives a snapshot of our projects and programs for the year and provides an easy-to-read pie chart showing our financial position and how our devolved funding was distributed regionally.

A significant achievement was the launching of the new website (that you’re looking at!!) which gives the museum and gallery sector a much improved virtual presence. We are now better able to support the sector while building new audiences in the public arena.

M&G looks forward to continuing to work with Government at all levels in developing museum and gallery contributions to communities throughout NSW. 

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