Give away – OmniSHAPES Video Wall

OmniSHAPES Video Wall

ITI-Image Group are giving away an OmniSHAPES video wall (made in Germany).

OmniSHAPES are compact, about 50cm wide, rear projection units that can be assembled in various shapes.
Each unit is self-contained, which means it can be used on its own or in combination with others, ultimately forming a large wall.

These rear projection units have a great colour depth and additionally very good black and white performance.

This type of wall has been installed at the Australian War Memorial.

All items listed are used. All are from our own demonstration stock. Delivery, setup and training are not included. All items have been tested and are operational. Usage marks may be present.

The digital display cube can be used as a single set-up or in combination with the other cubes.
A wide range of front screens in different shapes, risers, and base plates are included, as are all cables and mapping software. Twelve units are contained in two large storage cases, with wheels.

There are a total of 18 units. A solid state media player will be included.

There is no warranty.

The road cases require transport in a high van, small or open bed truck. ITI-Image Group are happy to co-ordinate transport to the site, and provide set-up support and instructions. If travel is required they will require reimbursement of costs. No labour charges will apply.

Download – OmniSHAPES video wall brouchure

For more information contact Norbert Schmiedeberg –

OmniSHAPES Video Wall

OmniSHAPES Video Wall

OmniSHAPES Video Wall



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