FAQs: NSW Health Infrastructure Arts and Health Award


Who can enter the Award?

NSW-based public museums, galleries, Aboriginal cultural spaces, not-for-profit organisations such as an artist-run gallery or a volunteer run museum or gallery can enter.

What is a Local Health District?

In 2011, the NSW Government established Local Health Districts (LHDs) with the aim of providing healthcare services across New South Wales. LHDs are hospital networks funded by the state government, and there are 15 of them in NSW. These districts manage and operate public hospitals, clinics, and community health services.

We are a cultural organisation. How do we know what our Local Health District (LHD) is?

You can search for your Local Health District on the NSW Health website. For advice how to connect with your LHD please contact HI-Arts@health.nsw.gov.au.
Search your Local Health District

I am a cultural museum within a public health organisation. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, on the provision that you clearly demonstrate a partnership with either a health service or external cultural service for improved health care experience.

What types of cultural organisations are eligible to apply?

To be eligible to apply you must be a NSW-based public museum, gallery, Aboriginal cultural space (such as cultural centres and keeping places), not-for-profit organisations (such as artist-run galleries), and volunteer-run museums or galleries.


What kind of projects can be considered?

All arts/health initiatives will be considered that bring together arts and health care practice.

The intent of the NSW Health Infrastructure Arts and Health Award is to support organisations that are seeking to deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes for the community through arts and cultural projects as a partnership between public cultural and health institutions.

We already deliver art and health activities. Can we nominate these projects to assist in funding, or does it need to be a new project?

Yes. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate sustainability. If your project/program is an existing activity, the ongoing sustainability of the program will be carefully considered.

Can my project be a collection-based activity?

Yes. However, all projects/programs should demonstrate partnerships with positive health or wellbeing outcomes for the community and/or patients.

How do we know how much to pay artists/ creative teams?

Museums & Galleries of NSW supports, and advocates for the appropriate remuneration of artists and cultural workers. The National Association for the Visual Arts Code of Practice details relevant pay rates.

How do we ensure projects meet the objectives of the NSW Future Health: Strategic Framework (2022-2032)?

The NSW Future Health: Strategic Framework (2022-2032) is a set of principles guiding the health care needs of the NSW community. The Local Health District and health providers work towards these objectives in a range of different ways. Competitive applications may reference relevant objectives, but we expect that most nominations will link with the Strategic Outcome to ensure ‘People are Healthy and Well’.

Projects must be started between 1st January 2024 – 31st December 2024. Can we extend beyond these dates?

Yes, on the provision the main part of your project is delivered within those dates.

When will we know if we are successful?

The successful applicant will be notified at the IMAGinE Awards ceremony at the Art Gallery of NSW on Wednesday 29 November 2023


Why is it important that we partner with health or arts organisations for this Award?

Museums & Galleries of NSW’s remit is to support museums, galleries and Aboriginal cultural centres and the NSW Health Future Health Strategy actively encourages connecting with partners to deliver integrated care services. This award seeks to recognise the contribution of the gallery and museum sector to community wellness and improve strategic connections between arts and health industries.

We are a health facility as part of the Local Health District and run our own art program. Do we need to partner with a third-party cultural organisation?

Yes. Priority will be given to projects that demonstrate partnering across health and cultural and arts organisations. You can find a list of cultural organisations on our website.


What is the cost to apply?

There is no cost to apply for the NSW Health Infrastructure Arts and Health Award.

Who will be paid the money if our nomination wins?

The nominated cultural organisation will receive the funding.

To assist you in developing your potential project, we have compiled a number of case studies of Art and Health projects developed within New South Wales.

Case Studies

The NSW Health Infrastructure Arts and Health Award is proudly supported by NSW Health Infrastructure.