Emmaville Mining Museum


The Emmaville Mining Museum is managed by a 355 volunteer committee of 12 under the Glen Innes Severn Council banner.  The committee members are all local, dedicated people interested in promoting the Emmaville community.

The Museum currently has over 4,000 mineral specimens and covers nearly every mineral sample local and overseas.  In addition, the Museum has a large gem display.

430 photos are on display dating back to the 1880s.  These photos consist of mine workings and machinery with local history events and people.

A replica general store originally established in 1895 with groceries, clothing, hardware and tools dating back to the early 1900s are on display.  There is also a comprehensive exhibition of 1,500 bottles of various shapes, sizes and ages.

The Museum’s recent achievements include winning the 2007 Glen Innes Community Tourism Business Award, and the District Exhibit Award at the 2008 Glen Innes Show.  Our current program is to construct a machinery shed to restore and display old mining machinery in working order.


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Getting There
86 Moore Street

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm