A night at the museum anyone?

Kids can camp out amongst the dinosaurs at the Australian Museum. Courtesy: Australian Museum

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in a museum? What really happens when the doors close and the lights go out? …

Well now you can find out. Both the Australian Museum and the Powerhouse Museum offer children a once in a lifetime sleepover experience.

Dinosnore sleepovers are a dream come true for kids aged between five and twelve and have been operating for ten years. Excited Dinosnorers arrive at the Australian Museum with sleeping gear, torches and obligatory adult just before the doors close, prepared for a long, action packed night in the museum’s dinosaur gallery.

Winnie, the life-sized Muttaburrasaurus comes to life to welcome everyone. Followed by a pizza dinner and guided torchlight tour of the museum. The almost-but-not-quite-tired-yet children set to work making ‘dino-craft’ with the team from Reverse Garbage Company, before settling down with a midnight snack to watch ‘A night at the museum’ (of course).

Dinosnorers and their bleary eyed parents enjoy a light brekky on the terrace next morning before packing up and heading home. The Australian Museum hosts sleepovers about 6 times a year and they do tend to book out early. The next sleepover is May 27th . Contact the museum for more information.


Winny the Muttaburrasaurus greets visitors outside the museum. Photo: Carl Bento. Courtesy: Australian Museum

The Powerhouse also offers a fabulous museum sleepover experience on an occasional basis. The April sleepover was inspired by The Art of the Brick: DC Comics exhibition created by legendary LEGO® artist Nathan Sawaya. Children were encouraged to come dressed as their favourite superhero.

The Powerhouse April sleepover included dinner in the museum café and entry to the LEGO® exhibition, followed by craft and a screening of the LEGO Movie. Everyone got to lay out their sleeping bags beneath the planes and satellites in the massive Transport exhibition. How cool is that?! There is usually an optional early morning activity and breakfast included in the café before the museum opens.

You do need to bring your own air mattresses, sleeping bags, PJ’s, pillows, teddies and torches to both sleepovers, which is a challenge for people using public transport but parking is available. Children must be accompanied by an adult and adults cannot participate without a child. Young children may be frightened by Winny and the creepy dinosaurs at night so choose your sleepover with care.

A museum sleepover is one of those experiences that will stay in a child’s memory forever. Really, for the cost of a night in a Sydney hotel, why wouldn’t you do it? You’ve seen the movie. What could possibly go wrong?

Please contact the museums directly for more information.

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