The National Standards Taskforce release Version 1.5 of the National Standards for Australian Museum and Galleries


The National Standards Taskforce recently released Version 1.5 of the National Standards for Australian Museum and Galleries with updated resources and links.

The National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries are focused on key areas of activity common to organisations that care for collections and provide collection-based services to the community. The National Standards have been developed with the aim of supporting Australian museums and galleries in carrying out their day-to-day activities, meeting their responsibilities to their various stakeholders, attracting support, and achieving their other organisational objectives.

Collecting organisations of all kinds are invited to use the National Standards as a practical resource.

The Standards are structured in three parts. ‘Managing the Museum’ focuses on museum management, from governance to day-to-day operations, resource management and future planning. ‘Involving People’ addresses the role of the museum in engaging and involving visitors and the wider community. ‘Developing a Significant Collection’ focuses on collection management and conservation.

The release of this latest version continues the Taskforce’s commitment to continually review the document so that it remains relevant to the needs of Australian museums and galleries.

This document is intended to be freely available to Australia’s many museums and galleries.

You can download a copy from the following:

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