The Land of Lewers

  • Two boys dressed in masks in front of a drawing on the wall


    Lewers Learning Centre

  • Child crouching and playing with pipe cleaners figures


    Lewers Learning Centre

  • Blocks of Lego and a view of drawing on the gallery wall


    Lewers Learning Centre

  • Toy figures in a diorama


    Lewers Learning Centre

  • Toy figure reclining in a deck chair


    Lewers Learning Centre

Way out west and wondering where to take the kids on the weekend? Take them to the Land of Lewers!

Poised practically on the edge of the Nepean River at Emu Plains, Penrith Regional Gallery was the home (yes, the actual home) of highly accomplished Modernist artists Margo and Gerald Lewers. So it's both heritage house and garden packaged as an active and thriving regional gallery, with plenty to entertain the kids.

The Land of Lewers is everything a modern gallery should be - fun, evocative, and a real entertainment option for children and adults alike

The rambling cottage garden complete with outdoor sculptures and old-world water tank is both whimsical and elegant. Children enjoy exploring the garden, looking for lizards and playing hide-and-seek. All this—while we sit in the sun with our Ross Dobson inspired coffee and cake

The house itself is divided into two distinct parts; the old homestead facing the river is connected by a covered walkway to the modernist addition. It’s here where the Lewers extensive collection is hung and from time to time you’ll see works by the likes of Hinder, Haefliger, Flugelman, Cassab, Balson and more.

The heritage house originally built in 1906, now dedicated to the Lewers Learning Centre, provides a range of contemporary art inspired activities for children which put their learning styles and interests first and foremost.

The Land of Lewers is everything a modern gallery should be - fun, evocative, and a real entertainment option for children and adults alike. And just one of the many delights to be found way out west!

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