Sustainability: 3-10 paid staff

Who will win an IMAGinE award? Come to the 2014 IMAGinE awards ceremony on 14 November.



In 2010 Broken Hill Regional Gallery undertook a Needs Assessment of it’s painting collection, the oldest collection in a NSW regional gallery. ArtLab painting conservator Chris Payne, identified 13 works in need of restoration at an estimated cost of $70 000.

In October 2013 fundraising commenced. The Gallery was successful in receiving a grant of $35,000 from the NSW Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services. Two artworks, part of the original 1904 bequest, were sent to the Centre for Cultural Material Conservation at the University of Melbourne for restoration and were returned in April 2014.

Broken Hill’s origins are in mining but the town is steadily becoming more reliant on the tourism economy. Broken Hill’s reputation as an artistic hub in the outback is greatly enhanced by the Regional Gallery programming and its collection. The restoration of the collection preserves an important part of the city’s history and its cultural identity.



The Philanthropy Program was established to provide an additional source of income and resources for the operations and programs of art and cultural activities in Mosman.

This strategic project uses the impetus created from the donation of The Balnaves Gift – a major collection of 16 colonial, post colonial and Impressionist paintings of Mosman and its surrounds, valued at more than $1 million under the Federal Government’s Cultural Gift Program.

Since its establishment the Philanthropy Program has generated over $150,000 in cash donations and over $1.5 million in artwork donations.