Museum Projects: 3-10 paid staff


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For the 100 year anniversary of Azor Robbins and Alexandar Porters first flight in Albury, the LibraryMuseum celebrated the ingenuity and innovation of these men with the exhition First Flight. The flight was a significant feat for Australia, as the first fully engineered and manufactured monoplane to fly in Australian history, and First Flight and its associated public programs allowed the viewer to transcend from passive observation to active participation to engage with this exciting story.

The full scale replica of the Robbins and Porter aircraft suspended from the Albury LibraryMuseum ceiling instantly captured the viewer’s attention. Constructed using traditional techniques, it was built by 40 volunteers from Albury & District Historical Society using the local Manual Activity Centre. The Historical Society undertook research on the monoplane, its design, the construction methods, the documentation of actual events, and provided financial support for the project. 

Visitors to the exhibition could explore the ‘touch and use’ discovery cabinets, displaying mechanic tools and museum artefacts; experience an interactive flight simulator, based on actual events; and participate in workshops and programs during the anniversary weekend.



The Geology, Biogeography and Evolution display interprets Lord Howe Island’s volcanic geology, the colonisation of the island by plants and animals from around the Tasman Sea, and the evolutionary stories that occurs when these plants and animals are in isolation.

The museum displays incorporate photos, maps, art, as well as specimens of rocks, minerals, seeds and plants which viewers can handle.

The exhibition strives to be different from other environmental displays featuring photos and blocks of text. Eye catching design elements, and short punchy headings communicate the message of conservation, while the hands-on opportunities enhance visitor experience. iPads videos and slideshows provide an additional layer to the interpretation of the stories.