Australia Council Leadership Program

The Arts Leaders Program brings together leaders from across the country, artforms and career levels to inspire and enhance arts leadership in Australia. The Arts Leaders Program will enhance your capacity as a leader, develop networks and provide the platform for you to be the best leader you can be.

Participants will engage with some of the most dynamic and influential leaders in Australia, exploring the issues and challenges that face the arts today. The Program will explore new ways of working including: how organisations are run; how we create partnerships; engage with audiences, communities and stakeholders. Participants will commit to a 15 month-long journey of leadership activities including three intensive residentials, workshops and an online course, which stretch them intellectually and personally.

The aim of the program is to build the capabilities of strong leaders to deliver a resilient, sustainable and vibrant arts sector.


The program is designed for arts leaders in various stages in their careers. The program will cater for emerging, mid-career and established leaders. This mixed cohort approach will maximise the learning experience through peer learning and custom components suited to various levels of experience.


Participants in the program will have:

  • Enhanced skills, capabilities and knowledge to survive, adapt and thrive.
  • Richer insight into what makes a great leader.
  • Stronger capability to lead an evolving arts sector.
  • Strong networks and relationships across the sector and across the country.

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