Harold Mitchell Foundation

The Harold Mitchell Foundation funds programs in health, education and the arts that make a difference in Australia and our region. We do not provide funding to individuals, and organisations who receive our funding must be endorsed as both a tax concession charity and a deductable gift recipient.

The foundation delivers funding in three ways:

Stream 1: Community Grants Scheme: Under this scheme, thet invite applications from the community for grants of $10,000 or less to fund projects that reflect a theme.

Stream 2: Australia Gives: Under this scheme, they work with other partners to fund initiatives that no one partner could fund alone. While the Harold Mitchell Foundation will proactively identify programs of excellence, they are also interested in hearing from other philanthropic, government or private sector organisations with ideas about how we might work together.

Stream 3: Leaving a Legacy:  Under this scheme, they fund initiatives that will leave an enduring legacy in the community or our near region, and make a difference for years to come. This scheme differs from funding streams 1 and 2 in that the grants it offers will tend to be larger and funded entirely by the Harold Mitchell Foundation.

For more information visit: haroldmitchellfoundation.com.au