Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum is a world-class institution dedicated to documenting and teaching the history of the Holocaust. It challenges visitors’ perceptions of democracy, morality, social justice and human rights and places the Holocaust in its historical and contemporary context. It also stands as a memorial to the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Founded by Sydney’s community of survivors in 1992, the Museum aims to teach racial and religious tolerance in the hope that the evils of the past may never be repeated. It also tells the history of the Jewish life in Australia and illustrates the great contribution of Jewish people to the tapestry of Australian life.

The Museum is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to preserve the memories and life experiences of its Holocaust survivors. It is now possible to have a “conversation” with a digitised version of a Holocaust survivor in its current feature exhibition, Reverberations: A future for memory, which is open until March 28, 2024. To purchase tickets, visit the Museum website.

Temporary exhibitions change from time to time. To discover what’s on, please check the website the for current information.

We advise during the week that adults visit after 1pm to avoid the large number of students in the mornings.

Free guided tours are held:

Sunday – Friday: General tour – 11am and 1pm

Sunday – Friday: Interactive Biography Session – 2.00pm

The Museum Gift Shop has a wide range of books, giftware, jewellery and Judaica.

Access in the Museum library to over 2,481 testimonies from Holocaust survivors interviewed in Australia.

The Museum library has a vast selection of books and information and our librarian can assist in finding related material that may be required.

Contact & Visit

Sydney Jewish Museum
148 Darlinghurst Road
Entry Fees

Adult $18
Senior Concessions $14
Students $11 (children under 10 enter free)
Family $45 (2 adults and 2 students)
Members enter free

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

10:00 am to 3:00 pm

10:00 am to 4:00 pm