Museum of Printing

Find out how printing used to be done!

The Museum of Printing at the New England Regional Art Museum displays a range of historic printing equipment, mostly used for job printing about a century ago. This includes printing presses, guillotines, stitchers, typesetting equipment and more.

It also has displays about typography, printed products, and associated processes.

It has an extensive research library of books about printing, technical manuals, and private press books.

MoP is involved in an on-going oral history project recording the staories and memories of people who were involoved in the printing industry last century. This includes people who worked in the industry in the 1930s.

The museum has a permanent display of the larger machinery and a program of changing temporary exhibitions so taht there is always something new to see.

MoP welcomes visitors and encourages school and other groups to visit. We run occasional workshops and are preppared to arrange for aritists to use some of the equipment.


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Museum of Printing
106 Kentucky St

(02) 6772 5255

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Entry Fees

free (donations encouraged)
Specific fees may be charged for guided tours for groups.

Opening Hours

Sunday, Tuesday
11:00 am to 3:00 pm