Manning Valley Rock Hounds Lapidary Club Gem and Mineral Museum

  • 1/29

    Fossils from Wauchope

    Janette Sutton Museum Curator shows off some of the local fossil collection

  • 2/29

    Kids love picking things up

    Hands-on display for students, kids, and beginners.

  • 3/29

    Crystal on Blue Agate geode

    Faceters Corner produces some spectacular gems. This is a 108ct Champagne Citrine picked up on one of the Rock Hounds fossicking trips.

  • 4/29

    Some of the Displays

  • 5/29

    Display Case

    One of the many display cases on show

  • 6/29

    Triassic sight

    Curator, Janette Sutton collecting Triassic leaf fossils.

  • 7/29


    Rhacopteris leaf fossils Carboniferous, Wauchope.

  • 8/29

    Faceted Topaz

  • 9/29

    Pink Topaz

    A glorious and rare pink topaz found near Guyra by one of the club members 42.45 cts.

  • 10/29

    Blue Topaz

  • 11/29

    Early Carboniferous Trilobite

  • 12/29

    Early Carboniferous Gastropod

    Lovely specimen three gastropod fossils in one.

  • 13/29

    Gastropod other side

  • 14/29

    A busy day

    During the Rotary Club’s Town and Country Expo we had over 150 visitors in one day.

  • 15/29

    Fine specimen of a Spirifer

    Early Carboniferous, Gloucester area.

  • 16/29

    Large Quartz Crystal

    This crystal was collected from the Kingsgate Mine many years ago.

  • 17/29

    Large Quartz Crystal

    This crystal was collected from the Kingsgate Mine many years ago.

  • 18/29


    Themnopora or Feather Duster Coral from the Devonian

  • 19/29

    Giant Club Moss Gloucester

    Giant Club Moss from the Devonian sight Gloucester

  • 20/29


    Lycopod root, Gloucester.

  • 21/29

    Devonian Gastropods

    This is a particularly nice specimen. Gastropods in a cluster.

  • 22/29

    Wingham Show exhibition

    All dressed up and looking good for the Wingham Show. We had over 300 people through our museum and had a very successful two day.

  • 23/29

    Local Gloucester Exhibit

    Our Gloucester area exhibit is growing nicely. Next on the “Let’s find trail” is the elusive Amonite.

  • 24/29

    Blue Agate

    Blue Agate from Wauchope

  • 25/29

    Chrysanthenum Stone

    This specimen was found locally at Comboyne

  • 26/29

    Chinese Writing Stone

    Very interesting specimen also from Comboyne. We didn’t know what it was until Museum Curator Janette Sutton read stumbled across an article about it in America. It is considered to ...

  • 27/29


    Bella, Mascot of our Lapidary Club

  • 28/29

    Zebra Stone

    Zebra Stone from the Kimberely near Kununurra, slabbed pieces were collected from the Lake Argyle area which is now under water. Sphere was purchased from Noel Hackett at the Gatton ...

  • 29/29

    Wingham Show

    A very successful exhibition in March, that’s Lauri Greentree, President of the Lapidary Club talking to visitors.


Manning Valley Rock Hounds Lapidary Club Gem and Mineral Museum -If you’re into rocks you’ll love Manning Valley's rock club and museum. 

You’ll find them in the Grandstand Pavilion at the Wingham Showground between 10 and 4pm every Saturday.

The Gem and Mineral Museum is constantly growing and changing.  It features gems, fossils and minerals collected from our local area, an ever increasing collection from around Australia, and a large hands-on display for beginners and school groups that covers everything from fossils and crystals to agates and zebra stone.

The Rock Hounds Lapidary Club has a fully equipped workshop that covers faceting, opal cutting and cabbing with trainers on hand to help out, plus there are a number of fossicking trips that take place throughout the year, from day trips to extended excursions. 

There is a basic camping/caravan area for stays at the Wingham Showground.  Wingham Brush is famous for its reclaimed rainforest with delightful forest walks and the tourist drive to Ellenborough falls is a day trip not to be missed. 

Whether you’re a rock hound, a fossil hunter, a cutter, or a  collector, there’s something for everyone at the Manning Valley Rock Hounds Lapidary Club Gem and Mineral Museum.




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Getting There

Grandstand Pavilion Wingham Showground
Wingham, NSW 2429

Opening Hours


10:00 to 16:00 (Other opening hours by appointment only)

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