Bourke Aboriginal Art Gallery

Bourke Aboriginal Art Gallery, situated in Bourke’s main street, is run by local Indigenous artists for local Indigenous artists.

Although our walls are covered with colourful paintings, the Gallery has a wide range of items for sale and display. As we believe in having an inclusive community, some of the artwork for sale may be from local, non Indigenous artists.

Besides the wonderful paintings the Gallery has other artwork including carved and painted emu eggs, ceramics, jewellery, didgeridoos, emu callers, bowls, coolamons and other wood items. The artists paint, carve and create using traditional and modern techniques.

Due to the importance of the river and water to life and living in this region a number of

indigenous groups have their country within the Bourke region, Ngemba, Barkindji, Kunya Kooma and Murrawarri, just to name a few. Due to Bourke’s historical past, since the arrival of non indigenous people, members of other indigenous groups were forcibly moved or migrated into the region. Notably the Wangkumarra group from far north west NSW and south west Qld, being among a number of groups forcibly moved to the Brewarrina mission. This variety of people and groups, each with their own traditions and culture, infuse the Gallery’s works with a plethora of styles and meaning.

Visitors to our Gallery are able to watch artists at work and chat to them about their work or just life in Bourke. Everyone welcome to come in and browse, buy or just have a yarn.

Our artists have varied and full lives, running the Gallery themselves. This means that sometimes they may not be at the Gallery but they will never be far away. They are also often at the Gallery on weekends.

Contact & Visit

Bourke Aboriginal Art Gallery
26 Oxley St
NSW 2840
Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Open casually on the weekend