Australian Opal Centre

The Australian Opal Centre is a national museum being developed at the outback opal mining town of Lightning Ridge, Australia, to house the world’s greatest public collection of Australian opal and precious opalised fossils from the Age of Dinosaurs.

An amazing two-storey, energy-efficient undergroundbuilding has been designed by Glenn Murcutt and Wendy Lewin for the Australian Opal Centre. Watch the story of this building unfold in the remarkable landscape of Lightning Ridge’s historic Three Mile opal field.

Come on in to find out about opalopalised fossilsmining, the Australian Opal Centre…and more. Enjoy!

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Australian Opal Centre
3/11 Morilla Street
Lightning Ridge

(02) 6829 1667

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Monday, Tuesday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

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