Anzac Memorial Hyde Park

The Anzac Memorial was created as a place to remember the Great War (1914 – 1918). Completed in 1934  the Memorial is both a work of art and a remarkable piece of architecture. Designed by Australian architect Charles Bruce Dellit in collaboration with George Rayner Hoff, an English sculptor, the memorial is a key site for individual and communal reflection upon the sacrifices of Australian servicemen and women in NSW.

In addition to being a commemorative site, the Memorial is a welcome space for veterans and the public to visit and is designed as an expression of “those nobler attributes of human nature which the great tragedy of nations so vividly brought forth – Courage, Endurance and Sacrifice”.

There are two exhibition areas and the Memorial’s collection focuses on the story of toil and sacrifice for every individual affected by war. There’s a wide range of material, from oral history to works of art, large objects, and personal letters and diaries.

There are several reflection spaces to visit including the Hall of Memory with its magnificent domed ceiling lined with gold stars, the Hall of Silence where the sculpture Sacrifice is located. The recently completed Centenary Extension encourages visitors to delve into the stories of those who answered the call to service and explore the displays of soil from 1,701 towns, cities, suburbs and homesteads given as a home address by Great War enlistees.

Each day at 11am, a daily ceremony of remembrance is held at the memorial where visitors are invited to pause for a minute of silent reflection.

The Anzac Memorial offers a range of tours, education and public programs.

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