‘Lights On, Doors Open’ – Frequently asked questions

When does the Stipend program close?

Funding will be allocated based on the order of eligible applications received until funds are exhausted.

Can I apply for the Stipend as well as other M&G NSW grants?

Yes! As the Stipend is a separate program, you are able to have other M&G NSW Grants as well as the Stipend. You do not need to acquit other M&G NSW grants you have received before applying for the Stipend.

How much can I apply for under the Stipend?

All Stipend grants are for $2000 (GST exclusive)

We are a historical society without a museum, can we apply?

Unfortunately, the Stipend program is only open to Museums and Aboriginal cultural spaces, not to organisations without a museum.

Does my funding application have to connect to the Standards that my organisation has chosen to complete?

No, your funding application does not have to connect to your chosen Standards.

Can our museum apply for more than one Stipend grant?

No, each museum can only receive Stipend funding once.

Question not answered? Contact, Emily Cullen – emilyc@mgnsw.org.au