Let’s Get Digital – Manning Valley Historical Society

The Manning Valley Historical Society used the funds from Let’s Get Digital to work with videographer Jake Davey in developing a catalogue of digital materials that focus on the unique and significant stories behind Wingham Museum’s collection. These videos will help museum visitors better understand the collection by covering four basic themes;

• The early struggle against isolation – the struggles of the first wave of settlers from the 1830s to the 1860s, when the limits of settlement were extended north of the Manning;
• The Manning’s contribution to the Australian story – the story of Manning Valley residents who have traveled further afield and made an impact on the wider Australian community;
• Everyday life in the Manning – the ingenuity, tenacity and hard work of the people of the Manning; and
• It’s a Kid’s Life – the lives of children growing up in the early years of the Manning.

You can explore extensive archives, and plan your visit, by going to Manning Valley Historical Society’s website.