Preventative Conservation and Conservation of Hazardous Materials

25 Aug 2021.

2002/4/5 Camera, Century rangefinder, leather/ timber/ glass/ metal, J.H. Squires & Co, Sydney, Australia, 1900-1910

Museum collections often contain objects that have hazardous materials intentionally or unintentionally incorporated into them. Sometimes these hazards are apparent, such as sharp or heavy objects, and other times specific knowledge about the collection is required to detect the hazards.

Preventive conservation is used to minimise the impact of deterioration on collections. All collection objects require preventive conservation to ensure they are protected for now and into the future, and this is a particularly important strategy for objects containing hazardous material that may become more toxic or unstable due to the effects of deterioration.

In this webinar Powerhouse Conservation Scientist Brooke Randall and Powerhouse Conservation Lab Technical Officer Jessica Gray will share knowledge from their experience conserving hazardous Museum objects and undertaking preventive conservation.

25 August 2021, 11-11:45am

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