History Week 2022: Hands-on History

03 Sep - 11 Sep 2022

History Week 2022: Hands-on History

The HCNSW has chosen to go with the theme ‘Hands-on History’ which was suggested by Dr Kiera Lindsey for our History Week 2022 Theme Suggestion Competition.

History doesn’t only happen in archives, libraries and books. Very often we need to go out in the field and get hands-on to connect with different sources, stories and audiences. Hands-on History invites you to explore histories by or about people who do things with their hands, whether that is for work or play.

You may also like to creatively consider how you use your hands to do history; be that digging up artefacts, uncovering archives, restoring precious and everyday objects, curating exhibitions, writing and drawing, sewing, painting, even making music or a film or podcast!

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