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Sydney Living Museum's beautiful and user friendly new website

If you already have a fondness for Sydney Living Museum’s properties you'll be pleased to know they are now providing an even better online heritage experience through their dramatic new website.

This colourful, bold and highly interactive online presence brings to life the people and fascinating stories of Sydney’s history.

The site probes beyond the property walls of SLM’s 12 historic homes and museums to include a new collection of previously unpublished material. This encompasses curious objects, tales from Sydney Living Museums’ curators, exquisite photo galleries and the latest in user-generated content. There's a vibrancy of storytelling brought alive by the personalities of farm hands, gardeners, volunteers, curators and cooks.

Get up close and personal to the inhabitants of 1950s criminals through the Justice and Police Museum Forensic archive gallery; discover what life was like at Government House in the Macquarie era; or hear the fascinating tale of 'light fingered' servants at Vaucluse House.

The growing expectation today is that museums will be places of connection and experience rather than a gathering place for facts and artefacts from the past.” Mark Goggin, Director of Sydney Living Museums.

The Sydney Living Museum's website presents the best of historic Sydney through sumptuous photography of the museums' collections, its highly successful public and private events—weddings, banquets and more—and provides direct access to Eat your History, the portal for foodie events in Sydney.  

Mark Goggin, Director of Sydney Living Museums makes it clear that this signals the new direction for the organisation and the heritage sector in general. “The time of people perceiving museums as static hoarders of knowledge and collections is gone. The growing expectation today is that museums will be places of connection and experience rather than a gathering place for facts and artifacts from the past.”

So come, connect and experience the living continuum of Sydney’s history.


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