Step away from your desk

Get Inspired today

Now the IMAGinE party is over, the awards announced, and news of the winners coursing through the veins of media outlets near and far, we thought you might appreciate the opportunity to breathe in, sit back and digest what’s been achieved across the state.

Our Roving Reporters have been out in the field sniffing out trends and peering into your long-term projects. We’ve compiled their reconnaissance into Inspired, a handsome digital magazine that we ask you to share with colleagues and friends.

The good news contained within is worth spreading and presents the perfect antidote to work-related myopia—a seasonal health hazard from focusing intensively in one place or on one project for too long.

So step away from your desk now, sit back and be Inspired.

Read about the 2015 IMAGinE Winners and their projects.

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