Sounds not Silence

The Old Court House Museum in Batemans Bay explores the history of this coastal area and tells the stories of the local timber, farming and fishing industries.

Recently, volunteers from the Old Courthouse museum journeyed to Hambledon Cottage in Parramatta. They were on a mission to check out the sensor activated audio equipment that pipes out sweet Beethoven music when visitors approach the 1836 John Broadwood piano.

Bringing to life museum displays, the audio is cleverly activated by heat sensors saving valuable resources when nobody is in the room.

Thus inspired, the Batemans Bay volunteers put together a grant application for a VIM Small Grant to purchase their own system, and happily were successful.

The team are now developing multi-layered audio soundscapes which will characterise the timber and maritime industries and add another dimension to their displays. We can’t wait to hear the results!


VIM Small Grants are now open, with funds available up to $2,000.

If you’re a museum volunteer and are interested in visiting other museums to see what they are doing with their collection, keep in mind we can help with travel costs through the Leg Up Grants

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