Orange Regional Gallery Extension

The Orange City Council has released a video fly-through of the proposed extension to the gallery.

The expansion will extend the existing facility by 1070sqm incorporating a new gallery exhibition space, new storage and conservation areas, and a theatrette.


The new exhibition space will be a long rectangular area of about 420 square metres, compared to the 340 sq. metre size of the current gallery’s largest exhibition space.

The proposed new storage and conservation area will provide climate-controlled facilities to store the gallery’s collection of around 1500 art works, and provide room for future growth in storage needs.

The new theatrette design includes a 77 seat tiered theatrette with retractable seating. The theatrette will have a mounted screen and other audio-visual facilities to be used during education seminars, the screening of films, artist talks and other lectures.

The Orange Regional Gallery extension project is funded by the NSW Government. In early 2018, Orange Regional Gallery was granted $4,052,990 through the first round of the Regional Cultural Fund.

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