Museums Association publishes a Manifesto for Tolerance and Inclusion


In light of the changing political landscape in the US, including the recent travel ban, and an increase in racism and intolerance in the UK since the EU referendum, the Museums Association in the UK has issued a Manifesto for Tolerance and Inclusion.

The manifesto reiterates the ethical values that museums should seek to uphold regarding inclusion, equality, diversity and tolerance.

The manifesto urges museums to ensure they are welcoming to all, and says the sector should use its “diverse collections to tell the rich stories of immigration from and to the UK, and the role it has played in shaping place, community and culture”.

It calls on museums to “use our trusted spaces for debate and discussion and to challenge ignorance, intolerance, prejudice and bigotry; engage proactively with refugee and immigrant communities and the groups and organisations that represent them; [and] engage in contemporary collecting with our diverse communities to ensure that we tell the widest range of stories”.

Finally, the manifesto calls on museum professionals to demonstrate “support and solidarity for colleagues who are living and working in the United States or those who want to travel there, who might be subject to discrimination”, as well as demonstrating “support for staff and colleagues in the UK who might be affected by the travel ban, either professionally or personally”. 

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