Collaborative craft reinterpreted

 An iPad made from knitted wool, an iPhone screen made from embroidered sequins, and a Facebook chat conversation cross-stitched onto linen are just some of the ‘mash-ups’ you will find in the Lacebook exhibition at Peacock Gallery and Auburn Arts Studio.

This is a show born out of the dislocation between old and new worlds. Immigration brings with it a need to adapt and converge, but often at the loss of certain traditions. Younger generations adjusting to foreign environments, trying to define themselves without the presence of a traditional culture gravitate to embrace all that is new while discarding the old. These kinds of dislocations are exacerbated by the presence of social media technologies, a major impetus in bringing together artists and craftspeople together in this community based art project.

The local Auburn community focused its attention on this familiar feeling of imbalance, and working with a variety of art forms rendered the modern as traditional – and the traditional as modern. The exhibition asserts a kind of ownership claim over new technology by knitting and stitching it into traditional forms, while similarly endorsing a revival in the value of age-old arts and craft practices.

This is an exhibition of skill and ingenuity, bringing traditional craft back into the limelight – it’s well worth a look.

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