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    Kandos Museum 2015

    Photo: Karon Grant

  • 2/12

    1930 Nash Type 40, 23.5 HP 6-cylinder side-valve

    engine with 3-speed crash gearbox. Nash Serial No. R257763, Engine No. E9085. Body by John Mackey Ltd, 269 Riley St Sydney. Initial purchase £500. Photo: Karon Grant

  • 3/12

    Kandos High Early Strength Cement Bag,

    Kandos Museum Collection. Photo: Mike Oakey

  • 4/12

    Model of a Kandos House made by Harry Slapp c1950,

    Kandos Museum Collection Photo: Mike Oakey

  • 5/12

    Stanley Rotary Calculator,

    Kandos Museum Collection. Photo Mike Oakey

  • 6/12

    Crotchet work by Lucy Williams c1960,

    Kandos Museum Collection. Photo: Mike Oakey

  • 7/12

    Japanese Flag, Fabric, red and written in ink onto

    the fabric. Donated by Des Odgers who was on board the HMAS Warrnambul at the end of WWII and lucky enough to win this souvenir of his wartime ...

  • 8/12

    Yinaa – Gibir (A Woman – A Man)

    Artist talk: Cementa15 Djon Mundine and Wiradjuri Dabee clan Kandos Museum 2015. Photo: Karon Grant

  • 9/12

    Yinaa – Gibir (A Woman – A Man)

    Mural by Djon Mundine and Wiradjuri Dabee clan Kandos Museum, 2015. Photo: Karon Grant.

  • 10/12

    Kandos Cement Ball Mill donated to Kandos Museum

    by Cement Australia, 2015. Photo: Jennifer More

  • 11/12

    Cementa15 Fringe music and Mark Booth sculpture in

    Ball Mill. Photo: Fiona MacDonald

  • 12/12

    Kandos Museum 2015

    Photo: Karon Grant


Kandos is the town that made the cement that made Sydney.

Established by the cement works in 1914, Kandos thrived as a modern 20th century town in a spectacular rural setting.
With the cement works closing in 2013, Kandos Museum has a vital role in preserving the town’s industrial and social history.

The museum is a community-run permanent home for a collection of stories, objects and photographs that bring this history to life.

Kandos Museum is owned and operated by Kandos Museum Incorporated, a not-for-profit, NSW incorporated association.
The museum is run by local volunteers.


02 6379 4600
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Entry Fees

Adult $8.00
School Age or Pension $5.00
Family (2 Adults and dependent children) $15.00
Pre-school children Free

Getting There

22 Buchanan Street
Kandos, NSW 2848

Opening Hours

Sunday, Saturday

10:00 to 16:00

Wednesday- Friday

10:00 to 16:00

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