Transportation and storage crates – give away

The Art Gallery of NSW is giving away a number of storage and transportation crates.

Description: Former AGNSW art storage / transportation crates. Ply and timber construction, some include various foam, card, polystyrene fit-outs that may be removed or used as-is.

A 370*490*115mm internal 440*550*140mm external

B 450*640*175mm internal 530*640*240mm external

C 600*800*150mm internal 860*270*210mm external

D 530*530*150mm internal 700*600*215mm external

E 660*740*160mm internal 730*810*225mm external

F 690*860*160mm internal 760*930*230mm external

G 670*760*215mm internal 820*820*275mm external

H 695*570*740mm internal 790*790*720mm external

I 690*890*300mm internal 950*755*360mm external

Please contact Tim Andrew at, Valentina Penkova, or Graeme Robinson

Pick-up location to be arranged

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